Monday, May 21, 2012


Before the arrival of Maci Mae and the adoption of Sir Leo, before homeownership and a baby boy basset Norman, before trips to Europe, Mexico, New York, Vegas, California, countless other states and even just up north, heck, even before Minnesota, there was a couple of high school kids from Allison, Iowa…

…and those kids got married. Seven years ago today. That's right. Seven.

I always joke that I got stuck with Shawn because he just kept following me around. He followed me through high school, he followed me to college, he followed me to Minnesota. The truth is though, I had to chase him down to get him. And in hindsight, I would never have gone anywhere or gotten through anything if he wouldn't have been right there behind me. I'm quite certain this will be the case for everything that is to come. Love lies in our imperfections, our arguments, our agreements but ultimately, his ability to make me laugh. Still. Happy Anniversary Team DeBoer!

P.S. Maci Mae Mo is JUST like him. God help us all.


  1. Lost. Yep, that's where I would be w/out my bride. Wouldn't have went to college, let alone graduated, wouldn't have a beautiful family, nor an amazing wife and sure as well wouldn't be living in Minnesota. So, thank you for putting up with me, even when we agree to disagree:) I love you and happy anniversary.

    1. Let the record show that when Shawn says we "agree to disagree" it's when I'm in the right about something. If there's one thing I've learned with the bullshit-slinging wordsmith, it's to pick my battles.

      Oh and don't forget swimming dear. I know. I've taught you so much already it's hard to keep track. That's why I'm hear. To help you remember. ;)

  2. So I really do read your blog, just don't have time to comment. Sorry I missed you're anniversary! Happy belated!!! You two deserve each other. You're like peas and carrots. Such a balance for each of you. Love you!

    1. "We was like peas and carrots…" Greatest movie ever.

      And I'm pretty sure I've missed your last few anniversaries so no worries. It's not like you don't have a lot on your plate.



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