Monday, May 7, 2012


After Maci's bout with RSV and bronchialitis, an Urgent Care and ER visit, (almost) a hospital stay, countless doctor visits, after days and days and days of a fever that wouldn't break, after not one but two ear infections, a skin virus and three different antibiotics, we finally got to go on the surprise trip to Chicago Shawn planned for me for my big 3-0 birthday. It was also the first time we were leaving Maci Mae overnight so that's not to say it wasn't anxiety/stress free. At least not for me and my Medela. In the end, Team DeBoer survived the separation and the trip was well worth the wait!

We stayed with the amazing Ragers who are single-handedly the world's greatest hosts! So aside from hanging out with some cool people (and pets), we ate, we drank and we slept. Oh and we did a little sightseeing…

We saw Sue. I was appalled to learn that the "Sue" we saw at the Natural History Museum in New York was a fake, a phony, an impostor. Therefore on our trip to The Field Museum to see a fascinating mummy exhibit, I made sure to capture The Real Slim Shady Sue.

After some painful calculation, I discovered I hadn't been to Chicago in almost seven years! My last trip was for a very infamous bachelorette party a month before my wedding. We did not do a whole lot of sightseeing on that trip. Unless you count the inside of bars, restaurants and a drag queen show? Anyway, I had not yet been to Millennium Park since it opened in July of 2004. It was my one request, my must-see. Thus the obligatory photo below.

We did it. We saw the Bean. Which is actually called the Cloud Gate by the way.

And not to be missed, we also saw the Crown Fountain.

After visiting Millennium Park, we strolled down Michigan Avenue. Along Wabash, we passed the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Yet another landmark that had been erected since my last visit. I do have a photo of it in it's entirety but I prefer the one below with the fancy street lamps. Love me some fancy street lamps.

When we neared the end of the avenue, we made a pit stop at the John Hancock building, took the elevator to the 95th floor and had drinks at the Signature Room. The $13 glass of wine I had might have tasted just as good on the ground floor, but it wouldn't have come with quite the view. I didn't get a photo of said view because the best angle is actually in the women's restroom and I was too preoccupied to mess with the likes of having someone take my photo. Alone. In front of a giant window. In the women's restroom. So instead, I included a photo of a view I had that was equally as stunning.

Did I mention we saw Marilyn? On our Magnificent Mile marathon mind you. As iconic as Marilyn is, her statue is not and it was actually just announced it's being removed.

One landmark that is not going anywhere? Wrigley. We bought some tickets from a very friendly dude who happened to go to college in Minnesota (back in the day). We had fantastic seats in a historic environment that left me, personally, feeling… underwhelmed. I know, I know, it's Wrigley. But to me it had the essence of a minor league field and the etiquette of a high school diamond. Let me add, however, that I would not have enjoyed our trip to Chicago had we skipped the game. I was glad I went and can say I've been there. I've been to Wrigley. I had a blast, I freezed off my ass and if nothing more it made me very appreciative, happy and excited to get back to a game at Target Field.

Since I had no stake in the outcome and the Cubs were losing, I spent a good chunk of time playing with my camera. AFTER a hot dog, some nachos marinated in cheese and a Dos Equis of course.

One other note-worthy activity we took the time to partake in was improv comedy at iO Chicago Theater. Now I know I had (quite) a few beverages before and during, but I don't think that had anything to do with why I was laughing so hard. Especially because at one point they asked for a volunteer and Miss Aubrey bravely took the stage to tell them about her day. The skit that followed was the funniest thing. Ever. Giraffes and mummies and baby Charlie and Wendys!

After the Mexican food, the Argentinian food, the ballpark food, the PIZZA, the cinnamon rolls, the beer, the world's best apple pie drink and Aubrey's desserts, my body was on serious detox upon our arrival home. Or was it withdrawal?


  1. Ha! Great minds think alike (or maybe Twins fans think alike) . . . but back in August of 2010, I had this to say about my first ever visit to Wrigley Field:

    "admiring the loyalty and enthusiasm of Wrigleyville and it's patrons despite Wrigley Field being somewhat of a dump (sorry Cubs fans!)"

    I too, was expecting more. But oh well.

    The Twins blow by the way. And I switched to DirecTV this year and have watched every single pitch of every single game. Kelli hopes this doesn't last long . . . because I could be doing so much more with my life!

    1. Just because we're the worst team in baseball does not mean we blow. (sarcastic wink)

      At least we now know how Cubs fans feel. We don't have a shitty stadium but like them, we seem to have a pretty shitty team.

    2. Nah, we just have a shitty manager. I'm bored of Gardy. He needs to go.

  2. Great pics Kali!! You's awfellie talented.

  3. I love Chicago. I'm happy to hear you had a good time.

    Your pictures of the kid are awesome!

    1. I'm assuming by kid you mean Maci. But then again, you could mean Shawn. Either way, thanks!



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