Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mae Mo

This is a photo dump. Consider yourself warned. Be thankful all the photos are of the squirt. And no, the following are not in chronological order. I'm not that organized.

Those are some impressive, rosy cheeks… and a pretty unsightly schnoz.

"I didn't do it."

"I'm an excellent (intense) driver."

Rollin' with the homies.

So during Maci's stint of sickness, she slept in her car seat (in her crib) most of the time. The nylon seat can get a bit uncomfortable so we started draping it with a blanket before we set her in it. One afternoon, we heard her stirring from her afternoon nap and went to go retrieve her from the seat. Below is what we found…

The setup.

Our Jedi (wearing her Star Wars onesie no less).

She was not phased in the slightest.

On a side note about having your baby sleep in the car seat in the crib: we're big fans when the situation calls for it. One thing we learned, however, is that when they reach a certain age, it might become necessary to start buckling them in. I will never forget the way I found Maci one morning. She had wiggled herself down so that her head was basically where her butt should be, her torso was teetering on the bottom edge of the seat and her legs were clear out. I was SO scared I'd broke my baby. Mom of the year, right here.

And speaking of which, yes, I took a photo of my child on her worst day of existence to date.

The day the music died.

Nekked yoga.

This is Maci's stoic pose.

"I'm sorry. You said I have drool where?"
She is her father's daughter…
…with her mother's hair.

"I love you little music-walker-toy-thing."

Playing sure takes it out of a wee person.

The following photos are all from Easter. Now, we did not see the Easter bunny. We did not hunt for eggs. And we did not find any baskets full of goodies. However, we did get all gussied up. We did go to church. And we did sport some pretty adorable bunny ears (Thanks Miss Bree!) so that a shameless mother could take some photos.

Too bad we were out of carrots.

I just think that's the cutest stinkin' profile I've ever seen.

Okay, so then we took our photo shoot outside. Below is my favorite picture of Mae Mo to date because if you put me in a dress and sat me on a blanket in the grass while it was a bit chilly outside, below is what my expression would be. Ah, if looks could kill…

"You want me to do what?"

The day is not complete without some basset love.

She must have beautiful parents.

Some bare tootsies…

We get told all the time that Maci has the greatest shaped mouth. It's a pouter's mouth. We have no idea where it came from but we think it accentuates her jowls quite nicely.

Said jowls.

Maci's current craze is clapping.

THIS angle is to show off the curls she's sprouting. They're blond but we'll take 'em.

FINALLY! A smile!

"Dear God… "

Her eyes could not possibly be any bluer.

I had to include the one below because she's laughing at herself while throwing her face into the sofa (her new favorite place to stand). She thinks she's pretty funny… like someone else I know.

"I crack me up."

Next Saturday, Maci Mae will be 10 months old. What. the. hell.

Shawn and I were watching some old videos of her yesterday and we could NOT get over how teeny tiny she was and how much she has changed in both appearance and personality. She is actually a very good baby. She's almost always happy, smiling, laughing, shrieking or tweaking. While she still has no teeth (Mama luvs the gums) and isn't quite crawling yet, she is a droolin', scootin' (mostly backwards) fool. We're still working on her not planting her face every time she sticks her butt up in the air to get up on her knees. She's also clapping, pinching, rolling her tongue, saying Da-Da and making all kinds of ridiculous noises that, for some reason, sound very bird-like to us. Her Dad is her favorite person in the world, her bunny is her favorite toy, Goodnight Opus is her favorite bedtime story and blueberry apple is currently her favorite flavor of food (followed closely by sweet potatoes and real cantaloupe). Recently, she's learned how to tilt herself to the side (always to the right) and grove her little body to a pretty coordinated jig. It's her version of dancing and as soon as I can get it on tape, I will. She loves to stand, be outside and always, always, ALWAYS wants to face out when you hold her. We're not sure how we were blessed with such a perfect little person, but we do think she's got us buckled in for a hell of a ride. And while absolutely EVERYONE tells us she looks like the Gerber baby… to us, she just looks like our baby.


  1. To me, she just looks like a happy kid because she is surrounded by love. Thanks for the photo dump, the tags and the commentary.

    Can't wait to meet the little little cousin!
    love, Penny

    1. "…little little cousin" – HA! You made me have to think about that one!

  2. OMG she does look like the Gerber baby!! My favorite picture is the one you've captioned, "I've got drool where?" or something to that effect. ADORABLE!

    1. That's one of my favorites too – her expression is priceless!

  3. Oh how sweet she is. The mouth is the gerber baby for sure. yes she has goodlooking parents and the genes run deep.

    1. I'm beginning to wonder if you always comment on her genes because that means it runs back to you? ;)

  4. Beautiful guys!!! She IS the Gerber baby!!!! How could she NOT have a fun personality, look at her folks!!! She's one lucky little one and you guys are definately blessed! Hope to see you all soon! Sue

  5. Now I'm confused, I was beginning to see all Shawn in her, however now, I don't know. I see some of her mother too I guess . . .

    Don't worry, we hunted enough eggs for you.

    BTW, thanks for the CD! Lights by Ellie Goulding is awesome! So are The Civil Wars!

    1. Gee, thanks. There is one thing I know, she has her father's eyes.

      We'll do better with the eggs next year.

      Better late then never… gives you a taste of your own medicine. It is the best Sampler yet!

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