Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I had an appointment with my wonderful counselor of 10 months today and she said, to help during the grieving process, do whatever I feel is right or what makes me happy for the time being. Feel what I want to feel and acknowledge those feelings at the time, but also spend time doing things that I enjoy.

Therefore, I have a list. Of course I made a list - hello!? Have we just met? My list is a collection of movies I want to see. I love going to the theatre and sneaking in cookies and a pop for a "talkie." Mom recently told me that her and Dad once saw 52 movies in one year during high school. They went to one movie every single weekend for a year. This tells me that at the very least, I can blame genetics for my admiration of the theatre. I also love renting movies and curling up with my blanket, beau and beast to travel to a make believe place like Hogwarts. Most of all, I love being able to escape reality if only for a few hours (see previous 'Survival' post).

To ensure a safe and happy trip, I prearrange movies that will take me somewhere I'll enjoy or will make me feel an emotion that's a little easier on the heart; laughter for example. Shawn is constantly making fun of me for the shows I pick or the movies I watch over and over and over. He's always saying we can't watch rated R material after 9pm at the DeBoer house. Although it's true, I stopped caring a long time ago. Forgive me for not wanting to see a horrible, wretched, bloody, scary movie right before I drift to dreamland.

Without further ado, the LIST:

Movies to Rent
1. Iron Man (I know, I know. I never saw it but heard nothing but raves and with the second one coming out, it's essential to begin at the beginning.)
2. It's Complicated (It's got Maryl - come on.)

Movies in Theatre
1. The Backup Plan (I'm so in the mood for a great, cliché, romantic, albeit predictable, chick flick I can't stand it! I can almost taste the wine that would follow the outing!)
2. Date Night (This looks hysterical and I look forward to the laughing.)
3. How to Train Your Dragon - in 3D (This will entertain my childish side whilst acknowledging my visual senses.)

Movies Coming Soon
1. Iron Man 2 - 5/7/10 (Hopefully it's as good as the first is promised to be.)
2. Babies - 5/7/10 (I'm so excited for this documentary. If you haven't heard of it or seen the preview, Google it now!)
3. Robin Hood - 5/14/10 (A new twist on a classic and I'll be there with Sara to support her withstanding relationship with Mr. Crowe.)
4. SATC - 5/27/10 (I've saved the best for last, Sex and the City 2. While I always enjoyed the show much more then the first movie, I'm curious to see where they'll take the story. The show always focused more on the relationships and not so much the fashion or even the fun. It was more relate-able. Obviously Aiden's back so at the very least, I'll have a tall drink of water to sip on.)

What's on your list?


  1. Great post, Kali. It made me wish for a rainy night and an excuse to cozy up in a theater!
    I CAN'T WAIT for Sex & the City! I'm a forever fan of the fab four! Have you seen the previews though?!?! Aiden is back it looks like! Should be interesting!

    -Still thinking about you lots :)

  2. You will NOT be disappointed with Date Night. It's hilarious. My husband said he has never laughed so hard since Dumb And take that how you will.

  3. We went and saw Date Night last Friday and just as you predicted Jeri, we were NOT disappointed. It was hilarious! We needed a ridiculously funny movie and it fit the bill!

  4. I'm glad you liked it, sometimes movie tastes are not the same, so I'm glad you found it as hilarious as we did. Hope your face didn't hurt too much.



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