Thursday, April 1, 2010

Resolutions - an update

We're a quarter of the way through 2010. In an attempt to be more accountable, below is my exact list of resolutions as posted last January. Below each is an update. Some good, some bad, some still to be determined. 

My personal resolutions for 2010 (in no particular order):
1. Accurately read food labels before purchasing (so as to avoid things like cinnamon apple sauce, onion tater tots and unsalted ketchup)
Update: While I intend to look closer at food packages and labels, I did encounter a setback not too long ago. Of course I don't remember what it was but I do remember thinking, huh, so much for that resolution!

2. Travel to a foreign land
Update: Not yet, but soon I hope.

3. Raise funds to afford to travel to a foreign land
Update: Thanks to freelancing, both of us working some OT, our tax refund, not to mention having the windows paid off, we're climbing this hill every month. 

4. Continue my campaign for a buddy for Norman (say… a black Great Dane named Guinness)
Update: So no Great Dane. I did, however, convince Shawn to get another basset. We're in the search for a basset we can adopt through Basset Buddies Rescue here in the Twin Cities. The one we really wanted was of course adopted so we're still looking.

5. Exercise (because the elastic in my sweat pants is giving out)
Update: I'm happy to say I did join a gym and ran throughout the winter until up to about a month ago when we had more layoffs at work and I fell into a cynical slump surrounded by beer and Oreos.

6. Wear more hats
Update: Done. I just wore a hat to work today. I'm currently working up the courage to buy a fedora but haven't had the nerve, or the funds just yet. 

7. Finish all books in the Harry Potter series
Update: I'm currently reading the fifth book in the series, The Order of the Phoenix and Shawn and I just watched the second movie, The Chamber of Secrets.

8. Dispose of the sofa in my garage
Update: Nada. Any takers?

9. Grow the nails on my thumbs (so I can finally get that manicure I promised myself if I stopped chewing)
Update: I have not been even remotely successful with this although I have manged to maintain nails on all nine remaining digits.

10. Resist and protest all things texting, Twitter, Facebook and Oprah
Update: Texting - canceled service with our cell phone company; no incoming/outgoing texts allowed. Oprah - haven't watched all year. Twitter - have not, do not. Facebook - became a big proponent of de-friending and spending much less time consumed with it's attractions.

11. Contemplate quitting my consumption of soda
Update: Just yesterday I bought one 12-pack of regular DDP and one 12-pack of caffeine free DDP. I have to get rid of the caffeine headaches first, then I'll concern myself with pop.

12. Memorize and recite Team DeBoer's mantra when asked when babies are coming
Update: Refer to my Poll post below.

13. Clear up my complexion (since I think I've finally hit puberty)
Update: This went from fair to bad to worse to fair again. With some OTC products I borrowed from the neighbors of course and some healthy vitamin D, I'm making progress.

14. Purchase something our neighbors can borrow from us
Update: Done - software

15. Eat first, then ask what the ingredients are (it's a texture thing)
Update: I'm happy to report I'm getting better at this and have a new found love for onions. I also tried and liked, scallops. I think that's what they were. It was some kind of seafood with a mixture of melons.

16. Visit the Spam Museum
Update: Nada.

17. Go back to school
Update: Shawn's back in school. Does that count?

18. Get the Beretta through another year (so I can register for classic license plates)
Update: Just had a coworker repair a wheel bearing and then we replaced three out of the four tires so I think we're sitting pretty. 

19. Update the photos in my house (and actually print some of the gazillion digital photos I have)
Update: I've made progress on my name project but that is it. Maybe after the window trim is painted…

20. Blog more
Update: I like to think I'm keeping a steady pace. This is not a sprint, it's a marathon.

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  1. I think you've done better than most on acheiving some goals!! Congrats and keep up the wonderful blogging pace!!



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