Monday, January 11, 2010

Two Thumbs Up

Okay… so we're not Siskel and Ebert, but Shawn and I do see a lot of movies, especially over the holidays. This past holiday was no exception. I lost track of our tally but I'm sure we're up to at least a dozen in the last month.

In seeing so many, I've come to realize movies that don't end the way you want or expect them to, end up making some of the best movies. Understanding that one of the reasons many people go to movies is to be entertained, one would think they want to see something very unlike their real lives. Who wants to see a movie in keeping with their day-to-day routine? The point of movies is to get away, experience a foreign landscape, jump into someone else's imagination, reach your inner child, be amazed by special effects or witness an extremely smart and clever conversation or the development of a relationship.

One of my favorite movies thus far this year proves that theory wrong. Up in the Air is one of those movies. It's not a happy-go-lucky movie. It doesn't have a "…and they lived happily ever after" ending. It doesn't even have any CGI or stunts. In fact, in hearing the plot of the movie, you go in wondering: "How can this movie be any good?" It's about a character who travels nearly every day of his life because companies hire him to fire their employees. That's his job. To fire complete strangers, live by himself, travel by plane to places like Idaho and stay in a chain of hotels. Boring right?

Wrong. We loved the movie. Could be the beginning is filled with OCD happiness. Could be the witty dialogue. Could be the smart, developing plot. Could be the fact that layoffs are very relevant right now. Could even just be that it stars George Clooney (more so for myself then Shawn). Whatever it is, it equals a great movie that doesn't take you to a foreign landscape, you don't jump into someone else's imagination, it really isn't suitable for children and there are zero special effects. It doesn't need any of that. In fact, I think the absence of what people go to the movies for is what makes this movie great. It's what makes My Best Friend's Wedding great. It's what makes Juno great. They're movies that really could happen to you but it's spun in such a way you're entertained by it.

Some of the other movies we've seen:
Leap Year - Cute, typical, chick flick with a cute, Irish, bearded man.
The Blind Side - The fact that it was based on a true, current story makes it all the more worthwhile to see. Above inspiring.
Full Moon - Shawn thought it was okay although he doesn't like to admit he's seen it.
Avatar - AMAZING. You can't watch this movie at home. You HAVE to see it in the theatre, in 3D and even better yet, at an IMAX theatre. Even if you don't like sci-fi movies, GO NOW.
Sherlock Holmes - Great and funny and wonderful cinematography.
The Hangover - You will feel dumber after watching it but it's the funniest, stupid movie we've seen in a long time.
Public Enemies - Please don't waste your time. And I love Johnny Depp.
Julie and Julia - Very cute, very entertaining, very inspiring for us bloggers.
Chocolat - Okay this movie isn't new but I read the book this summer and had never seen the movie. I can't believe it took me so long to watch it. Seriously. Johhny Depp redemption!
State of Play - Russell Crowe looks a little unkempt but it's a good movie with a twisting plot. Worth watching.
Inglourious Basterds - Granted I had never seen a Quentin Tarantino movie before so I didn't know what I was getting myself in to, however, this movie was awful. I'm not one for gore so I didn't see 25% of the movie. I'm not a sissy; Shawn didn't like it either. Had it not been for Brad Pitt's pronunciation of "Natzies," there would have been nothing worth watching.


  1. You didn't just list MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING in the same breath as JUNO and UP IN THE AIR did you? C'mon K-Dizzle . . . Julia Roberts . . . Really?!?

  2. I was referring to the ending… it was a chick flick, AND a Julia Roberts movie, that did not end in typical, cliché fashion. Although I do heart Julia… can't help it. Did you guys see UP IN THE AIR??

  3. I really liked Up in the Air too...I have the "travel bug" not quite as much as Clooney did, but I can relate. Good flick!

  4. I swoon every time I see Johnny Depp in Chocolat...a LOT of swooning going on.



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