Friday, February 10, 2012


I am not an overly or overtly religious person. On a scale from say atheist to Tim Tebow, I reside somewhere in the middle. To that end, I will not make this post about my (evolution of) faith but instead, I will simply report that we have been attending church again lately and last week's sermon made me revisit that resolution of mine (to find balance). The pastor ended with a mantra that stuck with me. By that I mean when I heard it, I thought it was worth remembering. So when I forget it, I emailed the pastor and kindly asked if she would send it to me. She did and it is below.

Be still and know that I am God.
Be still and know that I am.
Be still and know.
Be still.

Now, I'm a nerd at heart so it's quite possible I'm just as much intrigued by this mantra because of it's literary structure as by it's depth, simplicity and intrinsic meaning. It might be sad but I think it's just genius the way it is written. Each phrase is a repetition of the previous and although each subsequently subtracts a word or two, the absence seems to add to it's overall meaning. Further more, each stance can hold it's own but as a complete thought, it is even more powerful. I know. Nerd.

You can interpret your own conclusions and meanings but to me, it ultimately means have faith. Faith in a higher being, faith in yourself, faith in your family, faith that this too shall pass and all will again be right with the world. Or as my very wise Grandma puts it, "…it'll all come out in the warsh." I need to take time to just be present in whatever I'm doing and enjoy it for what it is and not what I wish it would become. Be present in the moment and not the memory.

P.S. So as not to make you think I've completely fallen off the philosophical deep end, I leave you with this. Did you know Dr. Seuss invented the word nerd? I learned that on the radio this morning. 


  1. Thanks kali for the mantra. I saw this some years ago and had forgotten the strong message it gives to people. I remember it helped me know myself better and what I meant to my young family as I tried to raise them. I to was not into religion even though I was brought up as a Baptist. as I have gotten older I feel for sure that every thing comes out in the wash. You would have loved your Granny Oleson my mother. She was the most patient person and taught me to love myself because she sure did. And my father taught me to love your neighbor as God does and he will always love you. LOVE YOU BUNCHES.

    1. I didn't know you grew up Baptist. How interesting… as are most things I learn about you. Interesting and mostly inspiring. If I end up with as much wisdom as you have in your right pinky finger, I'll consider myself, and my family, very lucky.

  2. Psalm 46:10 I literally have this embroidered on a little pillow--and someone gave me a small plaque with this psalm on it and a pic of a rocking chair on a front porch. Perfect.

    I love the way you use it as a mantra. Building down to one word -- then back out. Perfect.


    love you.

  3. Great post, Kali. I missed church due to a sicky kiddo but now you've given me a little gem to take with me the remainder of the week and beyond. I hope to see you on Sunday!
    Your Granny sounds like a neat lady.

    1. It's great seeing familiar faces like the Larson clan in church! And you got it, Granny is one of a kind!



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