Thursday, January 12, 2012


It's no secret, I can't stop raving about our daycare. Recently I was asked to write a recommendation letter for Bree so I thought it only appropriate to share my thoughts (again) with everyone.

To whom it may concern,

I met Bree Bielejeski at my previous employment, where we worked together from August 2008 until May 2011. She opened Owl Tree Daycare the following summer and I enrolled my daughter Maci in September, when she was just eight weeks old. As a new parent, my priority was safety and security. Since day one, Bree has exceeded at providing not just that but so much more.

I believe the greatest feature of Owl Tree Daycare to be its open-door policy. Parents are welcome any day, any time, which to me shows Bree’s confidence in the care she provides in her home—a home that is very safe, clean, organized, warm and cozy, boasts an impressive, wonderful, bright space just for the children and sits right next to a new greenway that leads straight to a park.

While Bree provides everything you might expect from a daycare: daily art projects, story time, outside adventures, music and free play, it’s her unexpected gifts that constantly remind me, Maci couldn’t be at a better daycare. The most rewarding of these are the photos I receive on a daily basis showing just how much fun Maci is having and how much she is loved at her home-away-from-home. Maci is also sent home every day with a log sheet communicating all the important facts (diapers, meals and naps) and then some (the day’s activities, upcoming events, fun notes or requests for supplies). Bree was brave enough to take on cloth diapers with us and was instrumental in teaching Maci how to self-sooth and put herself to sleep for naps. Another gift is Bree’s nonstop communication via email, text, phone or in person. She never stops asking questions or having conversations about how things are going and how she can improve upon her part. Her relentless desire to provide great care never goes unnoticed or unappreciated for this new and adapting mother.

Bree is personable, flexible and shows her love of what she does through her interactions with my daughter. Maci is currently six months and thriving, thanks in part to the extended family Bree has created with Owl Tree Daycare. I simply could not be more satisfied, happier or feel more at ease dropping Maci off every morning where the first thing she does is smile at Bree. I have nothing but great things to say about Owl Tree Daycare and would highly recommend Bree to anyone.
Kali DeBoer

Click here to learn more about Owl Tree Daycare by viewing Bree's post on Craigslist.

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