Wednesday, January 25, 2012


In the words of yoda, slacking I have been. Every day I have the intention of penning a new post and every night I trudge my tired, sorry ass to bed having completely given up on the blog for yet another night. One of these days I will catch a second wind, crack the whip and get to writing but in the meantime, I'll upload photos of Maci. Cause let's face it, that's what you're all here to see anyway. Tell me I'm wrong. Yeah, that's what I thought.

So I was downloading some photos from the ol' busted up point-and-shoot the other night and noticed a trend. Maci's eyes. She got her Dad's best feature. Well, he has a mighty fine tushy as well but that's just my personal opinion. Too much information? I told you I was tired right? Well, so is my filter. Okay, anyway, back to the beautiful baby and her blues…

Birthday suit time… she LOVES being nekked.

If that 'aint the most angelic, sweet-potatoed face…

Orange and blue happen to be complimentary colors.

Even when they're tired and red from the shower, they're still bright and blue.

Even her eyes smile (don't mind the matching blue feet… the color comes back eventually)

She looks a little stoned here, but John Mayer says that's okay so we're good.


  1. Is that a "Star of Mommy's Blog" bib I see . . .

    Sorry Kali, but she's looking more like that father of hers with every post.

  2. And I think every blog post is enhanced with a mention of Shawn's "tushy". Food for thought.

  3. That's not why I read your blog. And I'd rather not know about my cousin's butt.

    1. Is this meant to come across negative? -Mandi

  4. Mr. Henrichs :: I just noticed the bib. It must be fate. I agree, she looks like Mr. DeBoer, sans the dimples, but I suspect (hope) she may end up with freckles. And I will see what I can do to enhance future posts.

    Jane :: Should this be Jade?

  5. Yes, my little darling is becoming more and more the picture of perfection as she morphs into a mini version of me:) Mr. DeBoer

  6. I think we gave you that bib . . . predicting this exact outcome!



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