Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Coach Boone: What are you?
Team: Mobile, agile, hostile!
Coach Boone: What is pain?
Team: French bread!
Coach Boone: What is fatigue?
Team: Army clothes!
Coach Boone: [Coach puts hand to his ear] Will you ever quit?
Team: No! We want some mo', we want some mo', we want some mo'!
-Remember the Titans

I'm eating a brownie for breakfast as I type this (thanks Bree!). I consider it a reward for a weekend that kicked my ass. Well, not the whole weekend, Sunday really. Cletus and I painted, all day painted! Yes, the paint was either low or no VOC, yes the room was well ventilated, yes I made sure to drink some water and take some breaks, calm down people (Mom). The nursery is making progress. The trim is all painted, the tape around the window is down, I've "cut in" the first coat and Shawn filled it in on Monday. If you've ever seen my bathroom you know I aint about to paint a baby room in pastels so prepare yourself. I would show you work-in-progress photos but a) I don't like judgments of a room until it's finished and b) I was too lazy to take any photos.

Now, back to my leading quote. Shawn and I recite this little paragraph a lot. Mostly the question of what is pain. Like most women, I think I have a strong threshold for pain. However, I've discovered and I have new threshold for what I call endured pain. That means the pain that ensues the day after you did something that kicks your ass. I hurt in places I forgot existed. Standing on your feet, on and off a ladder, all day, really does a number on everything below your neck, especially to places a woman should never hurt. I apologize men but if I don't start revealing these truths about pregnancy, no one will. Praise Jesus for my lovely Sara who surprised me with a gift certificate for an hour massage. I heart her. Hopefully this helps at least the back pain subside just in time to tackle the second coat. I was hoping to get this finished this week, however, my sister Mandi is in town starting Thursday night so we have to take some time to rearrange the house (again) so she doesn't end up sleeping with the pooches. It's amazing how small our house is getting by the day… but we're tackling things and making progress and my body, although achy, is holding up. Paint on pregnant people!

I want some mo', I want some mo', I want some mo'!


  1. I am officially a follower now, I am playing by the rules :) !!!

  2. Pain. It's all relative, and I don't mean my Aunt Maxine. It comes and goes like like a fart in a windstorm! Buck up sista and endure like the rest of the generations before you, it's character building and will only make you stronger! Pain, bring it!

  3. We painted too, and Charly turned out just fine.

    In fact, we painted her room a dozen times before we settled on a color (pink).



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