Sunday, November 22, 2009


We just returned from a MN Vikings game… yes, we've converted. We've lived here for going on six years now so we feel no remorse for becoming fans of the Vikings and yes, Mr. Wrangler himself. And besides that, the tickets were free. Back to my point. I realize every time I get to a professional sporting event the same feeling rings true for me. That is… I hate cheerleaders. I'm so sorry for anyone I offend but it's true; I hate cheerleaders. I don't see the point. The non-stop pom-pom twirling, the ditsy smiles, the head twirls, the stupid outfits, the goofy gestures. Is it wrong that I just want to punch 'em in the face? You know what else I hate? The wave. You know, the ridiculous crap that one section at a game always tries to start. It never fails. If the most interesting thing you can do at a game is participate in the wave, either you don't care about what you're watching and therefore shouldn't have spent the money, or your team sucks and isn't worth watching and you shouldn't have spent the money. Other then that, I love the atmosphere, love watching the sport and would love to sling-shot a water balloon at every cheerleader and every person who tries to start the wave. Now, is a sling-shot considered a weapon? And if so, how would I sneak one into the next game?


  1. Ditto to the WAVE. It's just plain stupid.

    But cheerleaders are not stupid. You're stupid. I love cheerleaders.

  2. You're old. And cheerleaders suck.



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