Monday, November 9, 2009

Life Lesson

I'd like to interrupt this three-part blog string I have going for an important message. Over the course of the last six months, I've learned a very simple, yet immensely important lesson. It just so happens to relate to marriage. I have discovered the quickest, easiest, simplest and 100% guaranteed way to get your spouse to apologize or admit they are wrong.

You admit you're wrong and apologize first.

In the grand scheme of things, who cares who says it first. In Team DeBoer's house, if I can get Mr. DeBoer to admit to anything or apologize for anything, I no longer care if it comes after mine. Isn't the whole point about resolving the issue? What's the point of a grudge? Who cares who says it first? You can sit and stew all you want but it takes a mighty big person to admit they're wrong and I guarantee if you're honest, if you're sincere, if you're invested, you will get what you want in the end.

P.S. Have no fear. I am not campaigning to be the next Dr. Phil. I am not going to make these life lessons a repeating blog. I have merely found this suggestion so quick, easy and helpful I wanted to share. I will, however, continue to comment on life lessons Shawn and I continue to learn whilst remodeling. Which, if you haven't noticed, is on hiatus while we pad the budget for new windows.

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  1. You are so wise. If I just wasn't so stubborn it would come a little easier, though, and a little quicker:)



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