Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Operation DeBoer

Your mission should you choose to accept is to do as the DeBoers do. I'm extending the following challenge:

Attempt to make meals out of whatever food is left in your pantry, fridge and/or freezer only, until you're absolutely down to nothing.

One of the running jokes on Ruggles is Team DeBoer's empty fridge and pantry. So instead of taking offense I'm going on the offense by saying everyone should try it. It's no longer a flaw; it's a skill.


  1. We actually did that in July. We have a freezer full of meat, so that was ok, but the pantry got pretty bare before we went to the store. We actually had some good things to eat that month!

  2. I know! As an OCDer, it's nice to purge the food supply once in a while and start over.

  3. Hey cous! I did this from August 4 - August 31 -- due to financial constraints as a law student. Lots of room now. My soup cans are easily 'alphabetized': Cream of Chicken, Gazpacho, Tomato. See? Nice and tidy...love ya'.

  4. ABCs of soup… I LOVE that! I alphabetize my DVDs… oh wait, that sounds sad. :) Congrats on the cleaning and keep up the good law school work!



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