Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wishful Thinking

Sometimes I wish I could bottle up feelings and save and experience them later. By that I mean, good feelings; feelings of contentedness, happiness, bliss, comfort, pure joy and overwhelming love. I've come across many of these feelings lately. They're small events. Those that make me smile and make me take a moment to let them sink in. Let me illustrate:

1. You step out of the hot shower on a chilly fall morning and wrap yourself up in a freshly washed, warm fuzzy white robe.
2. You just get done physically working your body to the bone on a hot Saturday and after a good cold shower, you get to lay down in your bed for the first time.
3. Your husband gets up to go shower and get ready for work and you roll over and snuggle up to his pillow, sheets and smell.
4. Your sister calls you somewhat late at night to tell you you're an aunt again and you have your first nephew and everyone is perfectly healthy.
5. Your favorite dog walks up to you and your resting arms and nudges them because he loves you and wants you to love him up some in return.

All the above, to me, are priceless.


  1. Thanks for being so introspective. I enjoy it. I don't get that way on my blog, really, except talking about how sweet and wonderful and frustrating Lexi is :).



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