Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chiefs vs Bills vs DeBoers

Sunday, November 23rd, Shawn, Brad, Charity and I visited Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City for the Chiefs (Shawn's team) versus the Bills (Brad's team) game. Shawn and I had been to Arrowhead twice before but this visit was bitter-sweet. Bitter because the Chiefs suck, sweet because these were the best seats we've ever had. We were eighth and ninth row of the end zone. Primo view. Primo view for a slaughtering. Brad enjoyed himself though, watching the Bills destroy the Chiefs. Sadly, most fans left after halftime. When the seats cleared, we were swarmed with crazy Buffalo fans, those of which included Shawn, who secretly cheered for them as well in hopes of a future draft pick. [Editor's note: the Chiefs have since won another game (for 2 total now) and Detroit has not, so it looks like even that goal may be out of reach this season.] Interestingly enough, the Bills just lost to none other then the San Fransisco 49ers. Boo-yah!

Here's our view at kickoff. The Chiefs getting ready to score. I believe this was a pass to the amazing Tony Gonzalez. The only amazing Chief left.
For the record books, a photo of the final score, 54 to 31, Chiefs go down.
The DeBoers. You'll notice I'm dawning Chief gear. I figure when in Rome. I'm still a 49ers fan even though they suck too.

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