Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chez DeBoer Holiday Decor

The finished, decorated DeBoer Family Christmas Tree. Looks strikingly similar to last years (see December 2007 post). Consistency, consistency, consistency.
The stockings hung on the chimney with care... and snow.

The table centerpiece. Cranberrilicously red.

The buffet and shelves with yet some more snow. We also used to have Christmas cards displayed on here until we figure out that Norman jumps up during the day, grabs the lovely treasures and shreds them. Scrooge much. Ironically he has left the basset hound card that we got from Grandma Santee alone. He knows.

The top of the TV. It looks a bit bare with the wall still empty behind it, but I think it correlates nice. It's amazing and cheap to decorate when you use what you have and fill in the holes with candy! Our treats of choice, wintergreen mints and Hershey's kisses - original, caramel and mint!

More decor. This is a nice collection of tins and yet, more candy. Norman could reach this as well and last Saturday as I was WALKING to the grocery store, Norman was enjoying a little chocolate and a few foil wrappers.

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