Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Team Camo

In honor of World Suicide Prevention Day, let me tell you about a little ol' event we participated in exactly one month ago.

(See, my procrastination with this post lead me to be able to link it with such an important effort. Laziness really does pay off!)

For the second year in a row, Team DeBoer became Team Camo for SAVE's Emotion in Motion 5K Run/Walk for Mental Health. While the husband and our eldest ran the route, myself and our youngest got to walk. And because we walked, Norman got to walk too. Our family of five helped raise much-needed funds for SAVE, we helped raise awareness about mental health and it's link to suicide, and most importantly, we honored the memory of one Grandpa Mark Miller. A Grandpa my kids never got to meet. A man whose death was untimely and unexpected and therefore must be remembered. A Dad who I think of and miss absolutely every, single, day.

Again this year, the weather was perfect and the surroundings were beautiful. The air was crisp but with the help and heat of the sun, conditions could not have been better. Lake Harriet really is a sight to be seen for such an event. Shawn and Maci took off on the run roughly 15 minutes before Ivy, Norman and myself headed out for the walk. As was our plan of attack, we hung out at the back of the walking pack so that when Shawn and Maci were done, they could keep going and catch back up with us. It took a wee bit o' effort by Mr. DeBoer, but the hubby pulled through and found us about halfway through our lap. Crossing the finish line as one family, we all received our yellow roses and spent the rest of the morning relaxing, eating, taking pictures and just watching. It was a great day.

Miss Ivy amid her morning nap.

Miss Maci amid her silliness. 

And they're off!

Ma familia.

Norman was pooped. So Mae Mo pounced.

The newest chitlin to dawn the camo.

Like daddy, like daughter.

Mama and my girls (and unequivocally my favorite photo).

Until next year…


  1. Traditions are important. Things your girls will remember and tell their families...thing is, THIS tradition is more important than all the rest. I love you all my "Camo cousins"!

    1. This is one I know I can continue to carry on…

  2. Is Ivy wearing the camo onesie that was Quinn's, bought with Dad's Cabellas bucks?

    1. Nope. That outfit is 12 months and although she's big for her age, she's not that big. ;) Maci wore it last year and I'm hoping Ivy can wear it next year … if she averages out here soon. The pants at least should fit. Don't worry, it's always in our camo arsenal.

  3. I love Maci's "let's race" face!

    1. Haha! I know, right? She's all like, "Let's do this."



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