Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mama Brain

Dude, it's back.

Shawn and I went to see The Butler a couple weeks ago and while we were discussing it afterwards, I lovingly referred to a scene as Reagan's pregnancy.

A couple days later we were having goulash for super and I asked Shawn for a sheet of bread. Not surprisingly, Shawn knew what I meant and handed over a slice.

We were asked over and over at the Minnesota fair recently how old Ivy was. I kept saying three and a half months. I got her three month update from BabyCenter yesterday.

Shawn and I went to do some "filler" grocery shopping this past weekend for fruit and snacks and stuff. I came home and put two boxes of granola bars away only to find three others that were already there.

Shawn, Maci, Ivy and even Norman, are all interchangeable names at my house. I even pulled out a Peg the other day when referring to our neighbor's house. Peg hasn't lived there for at least three years.

I sat at a green light for an absurd amount of time before remembering it meant go. What's more absurd? Not one single honk from the slew of cars behind me.

(Oh yeah, and it's not just me this time around)
Shawn loaded up the Tribute with bags, babies and a basset, had it running and was ready to back out of the driveway when I asked him if he thought we should move the Camry out from behind the Tribute first.

Finally, I posted a photo from a fabulous 5K we did back in August with the promise of more to come. I have yet to post any such "more."



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