Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Miss Ivy Dae was two weeks old on Sunday. And in those two weeks (not to mention the entire month prior), so much happened that I want and intend to blog about however, first, I must divulge a story about my husband. Now normally I'm not the type to share such an intimate, sappy exchange of emotion between us, but I'm chalked full of hormones, sleep-deprived and well, we're fresh off of Father's Day so I think he deserves a little recognition not only for the Dad he's turned out to be, but for the husband he's always been.

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013: I went shopping for a swimming suit, 10 days post birth of my second daughter. Why you ask? Well, because of my first daughter naturally. In an effort to secure some one-on-one time for us, I registered her for swimming lessons. In two days I was scheduled to hop in a pool with her and I wasn't going to let a little extra … um, umph, stop me. I knew it was going to be hard, I knew it was going to be sad, but I also knew it had to be so.

I decided to try my luck with Old Navy. She'd been good to me in the past so I trusted I'd find something that would suffice. I ended up liking one style of suit, in black of course, and took three different sizes into the dressing room. The first wouldn't clear my thighs, the second couldn't contain my expanding, er, bosom, so I was left with the largest … and when I finally got it on, it was awful. I gathered myself in defeat and exited the changing room feeling about as low, frumpy, large and ugly as possible. Immediately I grabbed my phone to share my sorrow with the one person I knew would be able to make me feel better. The following is our conversation, via text:

K:  Dear lord. First attempt – complete failure. Off to Target. :(
S:  I bet you look pretty :)
K:  If you're drunk. Or hard up. :)
S:  or in love
K:  (crying) thanks
S:  you're welcome

Simple, eh? No big deal. What may come across as a passive, cynical conversation (via text mind you), was actually a quick dialogue that completely reaffirmed why I married the man I did.

"or in love"

Three words set off my waterworks so much so that I had to sit and gather myself in my car before moving on. Now I'm aware that such emotion is triggered by my current state of affairs, but recording it here for all eternity will help remind me of the day I appreciated my other half more then any other human being on this planet. It will help me remember how great and truly astounding he can be and how much I care for him and am grateful he's in my life. I know I will need this reminder someday because, let's face it, he's also no picnic. When his singing and smartassness (That's a word, no?) and obsessiveness about fishing get the best of me, I can pull up this entry and remember that along with the bad, come the really, really good … even great, in my Mr. DeBoer.


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    1. He is. Don't tell him that though. :)

  2. Gosh Kali that made me cry too. I'm sending you an E-mail.



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