Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Team DeBoer's Easter weekend went a little something … lika dees.

Friday: Nada. Probably went to bed early.

Saturday: While I finished painting her new room, Shawn took Mae Mo on a field trip to Cabela's in Rogers. Having never been there, he thought she'd get a kick out of the animals and fish.


Turns out, not only were they having a visit from the Easter Bunny himself (albeit a very freaky, wide-eyed, scary-looking Easter bunny), they were having an Easter egg hunt as well, with camo eggs and everything! I was pretty bummed to hear the report upon their return. Not because they stumbled onto unexpected fun without me, but because they stumbled onto unexpected fun while I was at home, painting trim, with my pregnant belly and achy appendages. At least I got the room done and got to enjoy some of the chocolate bounty Maci brought home. She's such a good sharer.

Sunday: The Mae Monster awoke and after some redirection, discovered the basket the Easter Bunny left her.

Immediately, she made a beeline straight for the Play-Doh! And that Easter Bunny was worried she wouldn't know what it was … ha!

With some coaxing, we got her to put the Play-Doh down and dig a little deeper … where she found some fake, fifty-cent grass. Score.

Upon further inspection, turns out she thought everything else (a purple sock monkey, a couple animal books and her very own fruity flavored chapsticks – because she's always swiping ours) was pretty cool too… 

…just not as cool as that Play-Doh.

After exploring her Easter basket, we sat down for a little Easter breakfast. We didn't prepare anything particularly special. In fact, Maci had the usual: a nana, a waffo (with hunee), yohgert and meelk. While the menu wasn't anything entertaining, Mae Mo sure was. As with what tends to happen at most meal times, (ahem) Shawn DeBoer's daughter turns into quite the little clown. Her and her father may or may not have been making silly faces at each other.

After the basket, after breakfast, after church and brunch and a nap, the Mae Mobile went on a little ol' egg pursuit. Turns out, I didn't get one single, solitary photo from the actual hunting process (because we were videotaping the whole extravaganza), but we did get some evidence of her enjoying the contents of her eggs: Mini Reese's Easter Peanut Butter Eggs. She knew how to get the foil wrapper off and ate the whole cake in one take! Apple of my eye that one.

Basket: discovered! Church: attended! Eggs: hunted! Chalk this Easter 2013 up as a sugary success!


  1. I do love your posts! And wonderful photos!! Can't wait for next Easter's with two kiddos! love to all.

    1. I cannot even wrap my head around what that will be like. (I still can't wrap my head around Maci and the stage she is at and the fact we have another on the way.) Crazy good chaos a comin' I fear!



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