Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I am 33 weeks, 3 days pregnant and I have a lot on my mind. A LOT. And not just baby stuff – although assembling cribs, washing onesies and packing my hospital bag are at the top – all kinds of stuff weave in and out of my consciousness all, day, long. So this is my method of recording my current mental state, you know, for future reminiscing. In no particular order, here are my completely random thoughts: the good, the bad and the overwhelmingly negative. Effing weather.


I despise getting mail addressed to Mrs. Shawn DeBoer. If I ever find her, I'm going to hurt her.

Great quote I heard on the radio: "To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries." -Aldous Huxley

I am in love with my new chair from Pier One. And with Wells Fargo's Mobile Deposit.

154 spent casings were recovered from the scene of the Newtown shooting. It is estimated at under five minutes from the time the shooter entered the school to when he took his own life. I do not understand the need for high-capacity ammunition magazines.

Great question to ask yourself when in a marital dispute: "Would you rather be right or happy?" -Michelle Washington

My daughter is pushing 21 months and still only has four teeth. She is going to be a painfully late bloomer. Whew!

How to Have the Best Pregnancy Ever is the single greatest pregnancy-related article I have ever read.

I am in search of the world's best purse. Help.

Another great quote I heard on the radio: "Homosexuality is not a choice, but homophobia is." -unknown

If you have not seen this yet, you MUST watch. It's Dove's Real Beauty Sketches. It is brilliant and painfully accurate.

Jersey Mikes is coming to Woodbury!

Shawn and I are going to Italy in just under two years for our 10-year anniversary. That's less then 730 days!

Did you know you can now take used clothing into an H&M and they'll give you a coupon for 15% off your next purchase?

I miss Steven Tyler, especially 2:35 minutes into this clip.

I found out I was pregnant on September 30th. The first snow fell in Minnesota on October 4th. Today is April 17th and there is still snow on the ground … and I'm due in six weeks.

I'm fond of the fact that now all my cleaning rituals and neurosis can be labeled as "nesting."

The Mae Monster just popped her fifth tooth last weekend. I fear more in the future as she is a professional, drooling fool.


  1. I agree with the Mrs. thing. In fact after we got married I had Paster Jeff say "I present Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Jeri Wendzel". My mother-in-law addresses all her letters and cards to me to Mrs. Paul Wendzel, makes me so mad!!!
    Also, the H&M thing makes me love them all the more!!!!!!

    1. G'ma Miller is notorious for addressing envelopes that way but I forgive those that are of that generation. It's what they learned and know and no sense trying to change them now. That being said, wedding season is upon us and thus the slew of envelopes addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Shawn DeBoer. Almost makes me want to chuck them without opening them. It's 2013 and I have a name.

      Totally with you on the H&M bandwagon!

  2. I love a good tradition just as much as the next person. But this woman is all for my own rights! I'm not anyone's property, I belong to myself.
    I need to round up some clothes and head up to H&M! Like ASAP!

    1. Agreed and me too, except I just offloaded a ton (of hopelessly small, won't-ever-fit-back-into-it clothes) to Goodwill and my recycling company – dammit!



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