Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Since Shawn's actually out celebrating a belated birthday with the neighbor boys at Ol' Mexico, I figured I'd use my alone time to recap how it all went down for us when we celebrated him turning the big 3-0.

Let me just start by saying, it's about damn time. It's hard being the older half in a marriage but it's even harder being the older half when you're married to Shawn. He's not the type to let you forget it and he's not the type to make you feel good about it either. Needless to say I was so ready, and probably more excited then he was, to celebrate this milestone. For mine, he planned a little vacation to Chicago so for his, I planned a little stay-cation here at home. Off to Grandma's house Maci went while Shawn and I hit up a T'wolves game, a couple movies, some dining out and some less then successful attempts at sleeping in.

I dropped Maci off Friday afternoon and immediately after, we ventured to the Target Center in hopes of seeing Ricky Rubio's debut game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. While we were mildly disappointed when he didn't even suit, we quickly recovered once we sat down, damn near court side, and saw a life-size K-Love. Seriously, I walked right by the dude when we came in through the players entrance. We were so close we could've spit on Alexey Schved. No joke. We were in awe. We were totally those people not even trying to play it cool. Anyway, with the best seats we've ever had, some tasty chicken strips and fries and a T'wolves win, our weekend was off to a good start.

The next day, I awoke at 6:30am (#%*!), Shawn shortly thereafter at 7am. (So long sleeping in … hello crack of dawn.) With such an early start, we decided to head off to breakfast at Keys Cafe. Bad decision. It ended up being the worst experience with the worst service and the worst food we've ever had … and … that's all I'd like to say about that. Bleh. To recover, we trotted 20 yards north to the St. Paul Bagelry, grabbed our favorites to go and hit up the movie theatre for the first of our double feature: Argo. We were elated to find it still in theatres by the time we were able to go and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. It was phenomenal. Go see it. When it comes out on DVD, rent it. Then watch it again. Totally worth your time if for nothing more then it's got the greatest 70s paraphernalia ever. It also happens to be based on a true story, it was directed by and stars Mr. Ben Affleck and it's dramatic while still being hilarious. Two thumbs way up. (Fine holiday fun.)

To kill some time between talkies, we headed off to D'Amicos for a (fantastic) light lunch and then ended our double feature with another favorite: Silver Linings Playbook. Also phenomenal. I love this movie for so many reasons. It's witty, cynical, hilarious, awkward, touching, inspiring and downright genius at times. Most of all, I love it because it highlights mental illness issues in such a new, relateable way, that you don't feel the stigma of the disease in the character's flaws, you feel for them as plain and pure people instead. Truly, truly awesome. Go see it. Plus, you get to look at Bradley Cooper the whole time. Come on.

So after some bball Friday and some movies Saturday, we attempted a redemption breakfast on Sunday and headed to Colossal; a small cafe over on Como in St. Paul our neighbors are always raving about. We love our neighbors for many reasons but now we get to add restaurant recommendations to the list. It was superb, delicious, affordable and downright cozy. Shawn had an omelet stuffed with everything but the kitchen sink while I ventured old school with the biscuits and gravy. Dee-lish. We were both impressed and more then stuffed thanks to the ginormous cinnamon roll Shawn also order as sort of an appetizer. Note for next time, get the roll to go!

When we got home, we took the time to rearrange the living room to make room for the tree we'd be fetching that afternoon, whilst also fetching our daughter. After attending a birthday party for a favorite little of ours, we headed south during the first and worst snow storm of the season. Not the greatest idea we've ever had but it couldn't be helped. As it turned out, the further south we got, the better the roads were. Screw the city plows, rural was where it was at! Long story short, we made it home safe and sound, our tree strapped to the roof of the Tribute and our daughter buckled in the back with the beginnings of what we'd soon find out to be another biblical illness. Ironically, after being away from her and missing her like madness the whole weekend, we actually stayed home with her all week while she was down with the sickness.

All-in-all, I'd say Shawn's 30th birthday stay-cation was a success! But I didn't stop there. Oh yeah, just when he thought I couldn't go any bigger then a weekend at home (HA!), I went and bought him his TV! Not just any TV, the TV. The TV we've been hemming and hawing over for literally years. I'm not kidding. When I went to Best Buy to purchase the damn thing, some of our old records showed our first consultation for such a purchase was in 2008. For you non-math majors, that's four effing years ago. That's a long-ass time and a whole lot of me putting up with an obsessing-Shawn.

After my last attempt to buy him a (tube) TV, circa 2001, I should've known not to try and surprise him again but apparently I didn't learn my lesson. The first time around, Tammy accidentally spilled the beans. This time around, it was none other then Best Buy themselves that blew the cover right off my hidden mission. I took off on Saturday with the cover story of Christmas shopping for Mae Mo. I bought the TV and set up pickup with our (previously mentioned) wonderful neighbors. Just as I'm heading out of the parking lot, proud of my purchase, I get a call from Shawn asking if I had something to tell him. Playing it cool I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. Yeah, umm, turns out, Best Buy TEXT him that his order was ready for pickup! #$&*! (Reason 182 why I hate texting.) I didn't even think to ask if such a thing could occur lest I buy a TV under his Best Buy account. For the love of Pete.

It worked out in Shawn's favor though because he got the whole weekend to take it out, set it up and play. We are now the proud owners of a Samsung, 46", LED, 1080p, 240Hz, Smart, 3D, HDTV. That translates to a whole bunch of shit I don't know how to use. The only photo I seem to have is below from Maci and I's Christmas Eve Grinch viewing. It's a skosh bigger then our old bute and Mr. DeBoer lu-uves the 3D…

Happy Birthday again my husband! We've now been together exactly half of your life time and in my humble opinion, 30 never looked so good…


  1. I tried texting Shawn (late) (way late) (ok, way way late) and he never responded. Anyways, welcome to the club. Thirtysomething club.

    Nice seats. Too bad you didn't see Ricky's return. But you saw a win nonetheless. And KLove is better than Ricky anyway. Better beard. Not better boyishly handsome dreamy looks. But better beard! I'm jealous. Not of KLove's beard. Of you going to the game. I've never been to an NBA game and would love to go to a TWolves game.

    First, canadian bacon pizza. Now, biscuits and gravy? Seriously. Great minds . . . There's a place near campus here in CF, used to be Granny Annie's. Now it's a diner, "J's Homestyle". Kel and I have spent the last few VDay nights at J's Homestyle amongst the other senior citizens, and we frequent the place many Sunday mornings after church. Ask her, biscuits and gravy is my thing! It's the only thing I ever get there. Great minds . . . you and I. Great minds . . .

    And as for the TV . . . 'Bout . . . Damn . . . Time. I'm excited for Shawn. You're awesome. What an awesome gift. Our old 46" Samsung LCD died so I upgraded this month to a 55" Samsung LED. Smart TV. Sounds like your exact TV, just not 3D. The living room looks great now. Finally. Didn't realize it before, but it was really missing a TV like that. "Bout time.

    Miss you four. Happy New Year.

    P.S. Shawn's mug looks as good as ever at 30.

    1. Your text might have been rec'd right in the middle of Maci's battle with bronchialitis and a double ear infection so Shawn spent a lot of time and stress taking care of her.

      Rubio trumps K-Love anyday! K-Love actually annoys me quite a bit. Did you see Ricky's first game back?! O.M.G. highlight reel! You should go to a T'wolves game. There's always affordable tickets available and they're pretty good this year.

      The only thing missing from my B&G were two over easy eggs poured right on top. Apparently prego women are supposed to avoid them so I didn't partake but man! That was the only thing that could've made 'em better.

      If this sucker dies … I want no part of the next one.

      Happy New Year!

  2. Oh, and Argo. How could I forget Argo? Kelli and I went to Argo on my bday and were blown away. Hands down the most suspenseful flick I'd seen in the theater in years. Seriously. The entire last 30 minutes was intense! My dad tried spoiling the ending for me, because he remembered the real story. And he had a shitty grin on his face when telling me. So as it was all unfolding, Kelli and I had NO CLUE what was really going to happen.

    I second your recommendation. Great movie.

    Plus, Ben Affleck is that man. He married Jenn Gardner for crying out loud. She's one of my all-time favorite female stars after ALIAS.

    1. I know, right?! I'm pretty sure I heard Ben Affleck talk about the movie (and the ending) on Jon Stewart so I had in my mind how it ends but it totally doesn't matter. I was still on pins and needles. My heart was beating so fast from the anxiety that I was literally fatigued when we left the theatre.

      No go see Silver Linings Playbook.

  3. Perfect blog posting! I felt like I was right there -- or as you put it - watching a "talkie"! See you next week.

    1. Shawn had no idea a movie was called that. I think I picked it up from an old Friends episode… and you're officially on our calendar!



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