Friday, June 3, 2011


That's right. I'm headed east, as in Go East. As of Monday, June 13th, I officially have a new job people! Woo to the mother lovin hoo! Picture this prego lady happy dancing! Okay, stop… I'm winded and that's just wrong. 

My new role at my new company *grin* will be as a Production Designer. It's Friday and I'm too tired to explain the specifics of what that means, so just know it's a step in the right direction for my long-term career goals.  I am more then psyched to dig in and get started and am counting down the days I have left at Bolger. Four to be exact. My last day will officially be Thursday, June 9th. You did the math right. That gives me one, whole, glorious day off, the weekend and then I start my new adventure! Scary - but oh sooooo exciting! And a long time coming if I might say so myself. It will be seven years this September since I started a new job and therefore a) I feel really old, b) I don't remember what it's like to be the newbie and c) I cannot wait! I feel like a giddy kid waiting for Christmas! The only snafu… if you can even call it that, is that Shawn will be on his annual fishing trip in Canada and won't get to see me off on my first official day. Don't shed a melodramatic tear for me Argentina, I'm a big girl (literally), I'll be fine. Plus, Mandi will be here so she'll get to witness all that is anxious Kali (no turning back now - you already bought your ticket!).

For all you pseudo moms, dads and looker-afterers of Team DeBoer, have no fear. We have crossed all our t's, dotted all our i's and did all the researching we'd need for this transition. With Shawn's future employment unknown (more on that in a different post), we will still have insurance, I will still get maternity leave, I'm sure we've address every question or concern you can think of and we will still have everything covered for the wee Cletus.

Speaking of which… (big picture lesson coming) don't ever let anyone or anything or any site or any video or any medium or any source whatsoever ever tell you you shouldn't look for another job just because you are pregnant. Scratch that. Let me be a little broader. Don't let anyone ever limit your happiness by your current circumstances. It was a delightful experience dabbling in my new career prospects because it reminded me that I am not just a fetus vessel but am in fact, a highly intelligent, gifted, working woman. No one thing will consume or define me and that makes me smile all the way down to my liver. In fact, I dare to say that I think Cletus would be pretty proud of this Mama…

P.S. This also makes us officially on the search for a new (used) vehicle to replace the two beasts. I will now need something reliable and safe beings that I'll be going further then 4.75 miles.


  1. I am THRILLED! Now, I'm sure you HAVE covered all the "by the way I'm pregnant and will need maternity leave" - AND my best friend Heidi got her job (where we became best friends) MAJOR pregnant with her second child.

    You are right-- let NOTHING limit you. Cletus will be very proud when the story is told!

    With Mandi there, I'm sure your lunch box will be filled with good food...and maybe a little something to share with a new lunch buddy!

  2. Wait if you are leaving your old job does that mean there is an opening? I think I need more information. I'm happy to hear you are headed in a direction you want to be headed.

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  4. Cool site. Please tell me you too will get a photo shoot and spot featured on the staff pages?

    Plus, a dog roaming the halls? You'll be right at home!!!

    Very excited for you as they appear to be a pretty impressive firm. I mean Target, as a client! Big time K-Diz. Big time.

    Was Kel's dad's 60th bday bash invite a featured part of your portfolio?



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