Thursday, January 6, 2011


Pre-Christmas, I had a nasty, harsh, lingering cold. Then, during New Years in Nebraska, I got the flu. The true, disgusting, painful and miserable kind. And, I gave it to Shawn. We were not a pretty pair for a while and it was THE longest drive back home we've ever had to endure. I'll spare you the gory details. Trust me, I'm doing you a HUGE favor. Then, the night my flu subsided, I got another cold. The phlegm, phlegm, phlegm, phlegm, phlegm kind. Ew is right.

I give. UNCLE! I'm waving my white flag. I surrender. I apologize to the universe. I'm sorry! For whatever reason I've been bestowed these lovely illnesses, I don't care. I want them gone. GONE. I know every challenge builds character (thanks, Michelle) but I have enough for now. Really. Winter in Minnesota is bad enough without adding the holidays AND sickness to make it worse. Enough already.

In any case, being sick is my excuse for my absence from blogging. Not that my latest posts have been anything to write home about, for which I apologize, but at least there were such posts. When I have energy again and have exhausted my Kleenex supply, I'll get with it. I promise. Right now I'll return to my haziness and fog and try not to fall asleep at work…


  1. Sadly all I could think was "does she have enough of those kleenex boxes that match her bathroom???"

    Seriously, I suggest Watkins mentholatum rub on your chest, peppermint tea and lots of basset love!

  2. I'll see you two on January 20th --- when you're all better. You two are now poster children for why it's important to get the flu shot. ;) I know, you want to punch me, but that'll have to wait until the 20th. If you need Kleenex, I know a good grocery delivery service. I'll throw in a bundle of Clorox wipes fer ya as well. Feel better soon. We're missing the DeBoers.



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