Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Reason I love Ruggles, number 720: Hockey

On the north side of the street, directly across from us, there is a family that creates a hockey rink in their backyard every winter. Okay, they don't technically reside on Ruggles, they belong to Summer, but we can still see their backyard from our house so I count it.

They are out playing hockey on that rink every, single, night. No matter the temperature, darkness of the sky or day of the week. If for some chance we decide to brave the elements and head outside, odds are we will be greeted by the sound of hockey sticks hitting the ice, kids bantering back and forth or their family dog barking and cheering from the sidelines. The sounds make me smile.

The kids are not inside playing video games, they are not planted in front of the tube watching mindless shows, they are not out running around causing trouble, they are out doing what kids in Minnesota do. They are playing hockey. They are getting old fashion exercise, engaging in friendly competition and honing in their skills. Listening to them play creates the only nostalgia I've been able to muster this winter season. While I think they're crazy for being outside is subzero temps, I appreciate their dedication, I acknowledge they're love for something simple and I'm deeply appreciative for the glimpse they provide back into childhood.


  1. You should go out and join them in all the fun!!! =]

  2. Can I ask, and will you answer, why does your blog post not automatically show up anywhere that you have posted a blog post? Sometimes it pops up on FB and most times it does not. I feel I could get behind and you know I want to be an avid follower! I love to read your blog-it's like a fix!

  3. Syd - You can subscribe to the RSS feed that should be at the very btm of this blog. I believe that gives you an email each time I post. Let me know if it's not very clear how to do that. It only pops up on FB if I put it there and I'm trying to get away from that for many reasons. I appreciate your devotion. A follower is better then none! :)



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