Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My to-do list is haunting me. It has taken on a personality of it's own and frankly, it's starting to piss me off. Every time I check something off, something else gets added. Part of my problem is I have to write EVERYTHING down on the list or I will forget. I seem to have lost all memory function. Last week I was trying to decide what to wear and naturally, I pulled out my favorite black tee. I stared in the mirror and was like crap! Did I wear this already this week? It was Wednesday. I couldn't remember two freaking days prior. So, when something pops into my brain, I write it down. It's a curse because I literally have like 86 things on my to-do list. Some big, some small, some ridiculously quick, some that have been there for months (maybe years).

Example: I need to paint our new window trim. We got new windows last April. That's pushing eight months of no paint, no window coverings and the Team DeBoer fishbowl. We really don't mind that everyone can see into all parts of our house. Frankly, we're used to it. It's also pretty common on Ruggles. We're a close bunch. Either that we all just enjoy being voyeurs. Anyway, back to my point, I need to paint. If for no other reason then to solve the bathroom debacle. Shawn has started hanging his bath robe on a hanger and hanging it on the bathroom window so no one can see in. While it looks classy as hell, it scared the bajesus out of me the other day when I walked into a dark house and passed the bathroom and nearly punched what I thought was an invisible intruder. It was just the damn robe. Bathroom is priority one, bedroom priority two. Maybe if I just get those two windows done this year, I'll be satisfied. Maybe if I get one window done I'll be satisfied. Maybe.

Example: A couple weekends ago when it snowed about eight inches of wet, heavy ass snow, the weight took down a ginormous branch off our back tree. Luckily it landed between our house and the neighbors but some of it is still technically residing on their property. Shawn has since tried to move it but it's so heavy it still sits in it's original fallen location. Those same neighbors have been bitching about that tree since we moved in so we don't want to add fuel to their fire. At the very least, we need to drag the sucker so it sits on our lawn and our lawn alone. It can sit there all winter for all I care. At least it will eliminate a section of the lawn the dogs can poop on. Shit. Pick up poop, aka de-mine, that's also on the list.

Example: Team Cornstuble has again taken new photos and again, they're all so god damn adorable I have to order some but haven't gotten around to it yet because I've encountered another snafu. The other Team DeBoer had their little baby girl last Wednesday (Jordyn Grace DeBoer, 7lbs. 5ozs., 19.75" long with hair and most importantly, dimples!) so I need to reconfigure my frame display situation. The Cornstuble brood no longer fits on one shelf and Team DeBoer II doesn't quite take up another shelf and my OCD won't let me mix and match families so I'm currently without an answer. Such a problem I know. An expanding family with beautiful children. But again, despite the greatness this situation brings, it still brings another line on my to do list.

Example: We're forever fixing cars. We own two '94 Chevys so it's not like this is surprising but it seems when it rains it pours for these hunks of junk we love. They all need to be fixed at the same damn time. The Cavalier was just fixed by my Uncle Tod (surrogate family mechanic since the passing of my Dad) and the Beretta will be headed north to a coworkers on Wednesday. The Camry's in good shape but our lease is nearing it's end so we have lots of last minute details to attend to. For example, we had the dent in the bumper pushed back out. All the other dents I put in the car (YES, they were ALL my doing) weren't as noticeable so we left them alone. We also had to get the oil changed, tires rotated, schedule an inspection for our lease end, debate whether or not to have it detailed, etc. So even the good, safe, reliable car is on my list.

My earlier declaration that I have the f*ck-it gene can also really be labeled as procrastination and laziness and while I enjoy my down time sitting in my sweats in front of the fireplace watching How To Train Your Dragon with Shawn, I should really know better. I should get off my ass. I should get to work. I should attend to my lists! I should…


  1. Kali, you are hilarious...ok well you are only the deliverer of the hilariousness. Shaun is hilarious. The robe in the bathroom window and then you punching it. That could only be in a sitcom! I have a suggestion for the picture shelves. For Team DeBoer II's shelf, you could add some knickknacks/vases/etc etc on the shelf so it's not so bare. As for The Cornstuble clan, maybe some 2 or 3-in-1 photo frames so they can all stay on one shelf??? That's a toughie, though. Good luck. I, too, have lists. And I, too, have to write EVERYTHING down or I would forget to pee...ok, I have done that. I thought that was just a "mom" thing...forgetting stuff.

  2. My wife makes lists for me. So many lists . . .

    . . . and why did I not know Brad named his first born after me? I feel so out of the loop!

  3. Jeri - thanks for the suggestions. I'll come back to them when I tackle the project (hopefully soon). Forgetting stuff could be a "mom" thing. I do have two basset boys.

    Jordan - you're so predictable. I KNEW you'd be all over her name. We got the call last Wednesday and just haven't talked to you since and they're not on FB so word has to travel the old fashion way - through a phone call.

  4. How did you forget your most important example...call your BFF!!! I talked to your husband on Sunday for about 30 minutes since you were taking a nap. It was good talking to him but I miss you!!

  5. I agree with Jeri (surprised??) that this blog continues to make me laugh in the best ways. Putting it out there-saying what everyone else is thinking! I just bought a light fixture for the front closet that we redid some, oh I don't know, 20 years ago? why was that so hard? and I also am trying to find a place that will put leaded glass in doors of a corner cupboard that we did some, oh I don't know, 20 years ago? What's the problem with starting but not finishing? Afraid of what this project will leave undone-I'm a watch dog hound on this one! Good luck!



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