Thursday, November 4, 2010


I find it odd people get emotionally attached to the most abstract materials. Or even concrete materials for that matter. It doesn't make sense to me, especially if it's something you can remedy fairly effortlessly if you end up unhappy. Hair… paint on a wall… blankets… chachkies…

(Prepare yourself, clichés are a comin.)

Shit or get off the pot. Go big or go home. Bite the bullet. Put on your big boy/girl pants. Face your fear. Walk the plank! Did I forget anything?

Cut your damn hair! Paint a wall blindingly bright green! Let the world's next cutest baby enjoy your soft, warm, security cape! Dust off the shelves and make room for new treasures!

That's what I say. I'm okay if I'm alone in this arena but I just don't get emotionally attached to much. Don't misunderstand me. I'm no curmudgeon with no soul or heart to speak of. I have feelings and do have a keepsake or two but on the attachment spectrum as a whole, I lean heavily towards detached. The only exception is my current devotion to anything "Dad." With good reason, and good advice from my counselor, I'm holding everything he's ever touched, given, worn, drove, thought, built, breathed on and been near hostage until I'm ready to release it. I'm not ready yet.

But back to my point. I have no problem cutting my hair. It's hair. It grows back. I have no problem painting the walls in my house a bold color. If you get sick of it, guess what? Paint is cheap. You can paint over it. If you have some ultimate keepsake that isn't properly displayed or paid tribute to and is instead collecting spider eggs in your closet, get rid of it. You're not doing it any justice and instead are just humoring your feelings of guilt by keeping it.

Purge! Purging is cleansing. Purge your split ends, beige walls and lace doilies! Purge your blond locks, white ceilings and tattered blankets! Make room for new experiences. I promise… you won't feel a thing. If you do, it will only hurt for a second.


  1. So true! I went through a HUGE Purge (Penny style of course -- would not hold up to a Kali scrutiny!) before heading to law school. And every semester's end, I do it again. Papers, notes, etc.

    Yep -- still have 2 boxes unpacked of 'stuff' from Dad's and an entire carryon suitcase. I may or may not open them anytime soon.

    love you.

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  3. Shit or get off the pot? What if I'm reading?

    Bite the bullet? Metal tastes funny.

    Put on your big boy/girl pants? What are "boy/girl pants"? And why do I have to put them on?

    I like lots of things -- but I could get rid of most of them in a heartbeat if I had to and not think twice about it.

    So did you cut your hair?

  4. Mr. H :: Google clichés and stop being so literal. You're not funny. Funny looking… but not funny.

    So what would make you "have to" get rid of things?

    I did trim it recently but have kept it long lately out of pure laziness. For some reason, the more hair I have the easier and quicker it is to style and I'm all about whatever lets me sleep longer in the mornings.

  5. Ahhh . . . sleep. I used to do that.



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