Friday, March 26, 2010


Here's the rest of the story…

You've seen the evidence in the living room, now experience the evidence in the rest of the house. Our new, beautiful windows from Renewal by Andersen - before and afters. You'll notice they automatically add paper around the outside of the new trim for when it gets painted. This also adds an extra incentive to get to painting them right away as the paper is somewhat unsightly next to the stunning windows. Who's up for painting trim? It's GOT to be easier then installing it… oh memories of installing the kitchen baseboard. Priceless.
Kitchen Before (notice the perfect trim - yeah, Team DeBoer did that)
Kitchen After (with some peanut butter apparently)
Dining Room Before (with Norman's signature back side)
Dining Room After (with Norman's signature front side)
Summer (North) Bedroom Before
Summer (North) Bedroom After
Summer (West) Bedroom Before
Summer (West) Bedroom After (and also the very first window they installed)

Norman's Bedroom Before
Norman's Bedroom After

Famous Bathroom Before

Famous Bathroom After
Winter (South) Bedroom Before
Winter (South) Bedroom Before

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