Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Left hand, fourth digit over. It's without it's ring. I'm without my wedding ring. Until tomorrow at 5pm that is.

We were at the mall Sunday perusing until our movie started and on a whim, went into Helzberg Diamonds to have my ring cleaned and checked. The salesmen came back before any cleaning was done and alerted me that he in fact, could not clean my ring because my middle diamond was loose. He even suggested I carry it out in a bag and not wear it if I wasn't going to fix it immediately. I was mildly alarmed but being the cynic that I am, assumed he was trying to sell us some services we didn't need.

Sensible Shawn suggested he show us under a loop what needed to be fixed to prove he was on the up-and-up. He looked at us, dumbfounded and very politely said, we won't even need a loop. He took a tweezers and gently poked at my emerald. At first I saw nothing but a brilliant diamond. Then… I saw it move. It had enough room to move side-to-side and up and down. Yikes. Turns out, he didn't really even need a tweezers to show us, I could move it with my fingernail.

Mild panic set in. It was immediately followed with immense relief for having had the idea to check out the setting. I didn't need to consult with Shawn or price-compare other jewelers. I wanted my diamond secure. Now. Not because of it's monetary value or even legal or religious symbolism. I don't care about the setting, the wedding wrap or the tainted look of the white gold. I care about the solitaire diamond. The emerald shape that Shawn specifically sought out and had to special order. The diamond he made sure was flawless. It would have broken my heart had I looked down one day and saw that diamond missing.

If you've been married over five years, it's time to have your ring checked. It needs maintenance over time. Leave your ring finger naked for a few days and consult your local, reliable, friendly jeweler.

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  1. Paul got mine from Kay Jewelers and got an extended service plan that covers all repairs, but the kicker is that you have to take it in to get it inspected every 6 months. I took mine in just today and my center diamond was loose and I handed it right over. I, too, am naked.



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