Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mae Mo

Two years ago today, at 7:49am, into the world came the great Maci Mae Mo. Ever since, Team DeBoer's lives have never been the same. And we can't imagine it any other way.

Miss Maci is shy at first (like Mama) but quick to entertain once she's comfortable (like Daddy). She has the most beautiful, anime-esque blue eyes (like Daddy) and the greatest gappy smile (like Mama). She has turned into quite the little fish (like Mama) and never turns down a chance at a thrill ride (like Daddy). All comparisons aside, Maci Mae is one of a kind. She is the smartest little shit, rattling off her ABCs, every color of the rainbow, counting to 10, naming all parts of her anatomy (and I mean ALL parts) and identifying every vehicle you'll see on the streets of the cities. Also, and I'm not exaggerating, she has the vision of a seasoned sniper. She will see a plane, train or bird at 500 yards and point it out to you. She loves animals, bubbles, "tootats" and pizza and hates garbage trucks, vegetables, insect bites and dirt. We don't know when our first born turned into the toting toddler she is, but it's exciting, albeit educational, to see her personality explode!

Happy 2nd Birthday Maci Mae DeBoer! May this year be your best yet and may that hair continue to get bigger and better!

Now please enjoy the following photos whilst I go weep…

Matilda Jane model.

Sledding (snow optional).

(No caption needed.)


The only "ride" you'll get Mama on: a small slide.

Driving Miss Mae Mo.

The (fake) pout.

Good locks must run in the family.


Saving some crackers for later…

Two peas in a pod.

Again with the crackers?!

Miss stoic, HA!


Watch out Mr. Phelps!

Umm, yeah … we'll talk about this when you're older.

Air DeBoer!

I spy…

Zee hair, el naturale.

My Maci


  1. Love her! Such a cutie! Lexi can see things and point them out and then we have to get out binoculars just to see what it is! It's so weird!

    1. I know, right?! Kids eyesight must be, like, 20/10!

  2. A lovely photo and word montage to my favorite two-year old! love you cousins!

    1. Grassyass and love to you, too!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Maci! You're a cute kid!

    1. She says, "Tank you." And we think she's pretty cute, too.



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