Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Have no fear my 54 faithful followers, I will blog on! It's just the look of this ole blog that will be a changin'.

As a graphic designer, I thought it about time I spruce things up a bit and do a little customization to make things look my own. That being said, this will not be a quick process. With a husband, newborn, job, dogs, house and sleeping to attend to, I'll have to squeak in some design time here and there. Unfortunately that means you'll have to make due with the plain white background for now. Think of it has my modern, minimalist look.

I have plenty coming your way in the form of photos, rants, questions, projects and deep thoughts. Well, as deep as this zombie-of-a-mom can really get these days…

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  1. you had me scared for a moment! Where would I be without being able to check-in with the DeBoer Team?? How could I live without a good rant from you where I want to Stand up and CHEER (pumped fist in the air) in the SILENT WING of the Law Library? How could I get my "happy fix" without being able to view new photos of "de boys" and the apple in the family? How could I feel "at home" while still being 798+ miles away???

    So, take your time. Find your muse. But please don't "shut 'er down, boys!"




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