Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I promise I will be blogging soon. I promise I will announce a winner to my April follower challenge. I promise to post more pics of Cletus' humble abode among other things. I promise to be more consistent. If I could, just, get, through, this week…

I know, I know. I beg and plead and whine for people to follow my blog and then I fall off the face of the earth. Nice, eh? I assure you, more is to come…


  1. I have a sneaky feeling that soon (say after a certain someone's BIRTH day) blogging will be regulated to a permanent "someday." As for me, always worth the wait.

    Love to you, the 'boys' (Leo, Norm and Shawn - not in that order) and Cletus -- I'm going with a girl. Just a feeling. Happy if its a boy -- or if there is one of each -- just kidding!!! Breathe.

    love you tons. Now, back to my regularly scheduled but BORING life of Law School finals!



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