Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm sort of having a mid-blog crisis. I've come to notice this blog, Team DeBoer, lacks a solid theme. I guess it doesn't necessarily need one, I just feel my posts are so sporadic I should maybe instead, hone in on something and stick to it? About three and a half years ago I started this blog to document the remodel of our kitchen. From there it ballooned to other house projects/failed attempts to our travels to our family of four to the randomness that is my brain. I don't have to toe the line so-to-speak, I just wonder if I would recruit a broader range of followers had I a sphere of expertise? Therein, I think, underlies my problem. I don't really feel I possess such a sphere. At least not one many would find interesting. Or maybe I just lack confidence…

I don't have children. That knocks out over 83% of you I'm sure. I proclaim myself a pseudo designer/DIYer at best and any knowledge I could pass on, I've probably just read from some other blog. I could learn to cook but I feel I would betray my grilled cheese and french fries and I'm just not okay with that. I could continue the tales of having two tails running around the house but most of you already know all there is to know about Norman and Leo. I can confidently say I'm able to organize a mean closet or purge better then Peter Walsh but fear some may think my OCD is indeed not under control, despite my meds. I see the looks I get when I tell people I color coordinate my closet and all the shirts are facing the same direction. They want to run away. Fast. I'll bet half of you are still squirming from my use of the word meds. There's general life advice giving but I would just be copyrighting anything Shawn or my counselor's ever told me so that's not pure and I wouldn't be living my best life. Let's face it, who wants to let down Oprah? I could sugar coat the ordinary events that make up my day but I'm not that good of a liar and I'm not prepared to absorb your judgments.

So… I'll put it out there. What do you want to hear about? What don't you want to hear about. What are you sick of hearing? Can I look something up for you? Can I connect you with a better resource? What can I say that will make you comment to this very post? What will entice you to follow this blog? What will keep you coming back? I want to know what you want to know and am willing to do some leg work and learn. Speak now or forever listen to me teeter totter back and forth between mourning the loss of my Dad, trying to decorate my house and living in a small space with three very cute, but very close shadows.


  1. Well...since you asked...I would like you to express more opinions about the workshops and presentations that I have to write and present so that I could plagerize your words and not have to work so hard to come up with my own original thoughts! Meds?-everyone should take a few. OCD?-we've all got it about something, we just don't admit it. Frankly-you're just an entertaining blogger about everything and everyone!! Keep up the original works.

  2. I like the teeter totter -- keeps it interesting. And really, blogs with ONE THEME? Well, kinda dull.

    love you!

  3. I agree with Penny! Your blogs are GREAT!

  4. First the disclaimer: I will deny all of this in court if need be.

    Now the crux of the matter:

    Okay, I cheat on blog watching.

    What I do is check Drew's blog about every other day because he has GREAT blogs that he follows! Yours is one of them. So if I see one has been updated in the last 48 hours I am THRILLED!

    (end of disclaimer section)

    What should YOU write about? What you have been doing since you started. Whatever has your life tightly in its jaws and our ownly release is to write. Whatever comes to your mind when you run. Whatever you see while out walking the dogs. Whatever news byte you heard that just royally ticked you off. Even whatever emotion is evoked when a snatch of song, a muttered phrase overheard or a fleeting glance of nature occurs. (BTW, yes EVOKE is correct -- means to react or solicit a response. Invoke means to call forth or to appeal, to cite - YOU could've done an entire blog on those two words alone). I rest my case.

    See, what you do differently than all the other blogs I read (thanks again to Drew for "the list") is you take something I would never have thought about and you mull it over, react to it, take it apart and put it back together. Because you have OCD -- you just can't leave life alone. And I honestly thank God for that part of you and everyone else. Who wants a life of beige tones? (rhetorical question, put your hands down you boring boring people!).

    Okay -- just wanted to 'chat' --

    love ya miss ya yadda yadda yadda

    your very odd cousin

  5. Kali where do I begin??? So I won't begin right now but will when I have time to critically put my thoughts together so that you can disect what I'm trying to say and respond in your blog. It's all good trust me. Stay tuned. Love ya. (P.S. I wish I could attend to my blog more often. I admire your tenancity.)

  6. I'd write about me. I'm very exciting, and funny, and handsome, and now that I think about it a bit annoying. Never, mind keep doing what your doing. Oh, and did I mention I'm humble. I love you dear keep up the good work;)



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