Tuesday, July 27, 2010


While the boys have been working out…

I've been working in - in an entertainment center.

These past couple of weekends we've had a quiet block and therefore kept ourselves busy with home projects instead. We cleaned out the garage and reorganized it. We offloaded our old loveseat and a florescent lamp from the garage, thanks to Craigslist. Shawn repaired the garage door thanks to a busted cable. We sanded, painted and rehardwared the end table we've had forever because I can't find anything I like and am too cheap to purchase anything brand new. We bought a new living room rug but quickly discovered it was too big and are therefore on the search again. Finally, we sanded and primed the entertainment center that we've also had forever but are too cheap to replace. All it needs now are a couple coats of nice semi-gloss white paint and it will be finished! Both it and the end table were of the 80's generation - fake oak and brassy gold hardware. Although they matched some of the decor of our 1950's house, it was time for a change.

As soon as the entertainment center is done, I hope to post after photos of it and the end table and hopefully a new rug and thus a new living room! Hopefully this motivation leads me right into painting the trim and baseboards, hanging the curtains back up and FINALLY replacing the light fixture in our dining room! After that… let's see… there's new window treatments for the bedrooms, new hardware for the doors, new covers for the outlets, redoing the fireplace, finishing the basement, repainting some rooms, replacing our mini deck with a patio, replacing the back door of the garage…


  1. Holy crap I'm tired already and you just exhausted me! BTW Andy said to tell Shawn he looks like Chuck Norris on his Total Gym. P.S. Should he smirk at us tell him to keep his round house kick to himself. :p

  2. I've seen the house and it's looking really good! If any of you DeBoers need help painting hit me up and I'll help. I'm a great painter... I'm just saying.



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