Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fire, Fire, Fire

It's official, we lit our first fire last Sunday! In contrast to our previous house endeavours, this process happened effortlessly. No smoke-outs, nobody got burned and the fire department did not have to be called. To us, that is a success! The only obstacle we encountered was not having enough firewood. Well, that and we did set the smoke alarm off... but only once. Actually, Dad set it off, ironically enough. He was playing with the chimney flue to determine how far he could open it to allow the smoke to draft upwards but still leave most of the heat in the house. Overall, the experience was (picture) perfect and we are hooked. We will be frequenting the fire experience quite often this winter. After all, it gets mighty cold here up nort. Check out the photos of our creation. (Disclaimer: Every time I used "we" and "our", insert Shawn because he really did everything. I just took pictures.)

Above is a picture of the blaze with the flash on. Below is a more "dramatic" picture with the flash off. You probably can't tell, but Norman is at the very bottom of this picture, laying like a frog, chewing on a rawhide. He liked the fire too.

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