Thursday, November 10, 2011


My 30th birthday looms.

*pause for reaction*

I don't know if it's because I'm approaching a milestone or because I'm a new mother or because I have a new job or because I'm weaning myself off some meds or because I'm completely devoid of sleep, but I have been doing a TON of self-reflecting lately. A ton. Constantly. All the time. It's exhausting but in the same breath, enlightening. I would like to think this cheese doesn't stand alone and that a) I actually have readers and b) they are intellectual people with great minds and opinions of their own. So to that end, I say spill. What's been on your mind lately? Any great life lessons? Any self-awareness arising? Any advice you'd like to bestow upon me? Any happy happenings you've had? Tell me the greatest things you learned by the time you were 30. If you're not 30, then 20. If you're not 20, well then, go do your homework.

And add yourself as a follower while you're at it because in all my reflecting, I realized I need constant validation. Yes, it's in my "flaws" column. But I'll get to more about all my reflections later. Right now, let's talk about you. Come on… you know you wanna comment. And maybe add yourself as a follower. No? What if I bribe you with a photo of Maci Mae…

No? How about Maci sucking her thumb?

Still nothing? Maci in a frog towel?

You haven't commented or added yourself as a follower yet? Wow. You're heartless. Okay. All I have left is the obligatory father / daughter schnoozing photo. If that doesn't persuade you nothing will.


  1. Hey Kali! I turned 30 very recently. Most of my friends were freaking out but I found it just like any other birthday. Aging isn't super fun, but I really try to celebrate that I've made it this far, which I think is a huge accomplishment.

    Also, I think the fact that you're a new mom and somehow manage to come to work every day and do great work is amazing. I just have myself to take care of and feel like I'm just keeping it together.

  2. I have lists and lists of rules, lessons, hints, et cetera. The best of them all wold probably be: I had the greatest parents one could ask for, and am thankful for that. I show my thanks to them by trying to make this world a better place everyday, even if it's something small.

  3. Hmmm...well, I was going to put something sweet and short but those pics? You are truly a manipulator!

    When I was reaching 30, I was peaking in my first career in the IT world. Literally raking in the bucks and sharing it with my family. I was also traveling as much as possible -- just stateside (my job called for 7 day a week and 16 hour days most times with a rare sabbatical). I'd drive my car to Iowa stopping along the way for any odd sounding town, weird roadside attraction...or fresh produce. I arrived at your gramps one autumn with a car already full of apples -- and we went to pick more.

    My life was full -- Dad lived with me. Dorene was living her dream in Florida with her family and I had two of the greatest dogs in my life...and thought I would be married within a year or two.

    30 was another step in the realm of possibilities. A strengthening year, a year of laughter, adventure and good memories with far off family members. It is probably the year that I leaned on most when the world began to tilt just a few years later. I had built friendshps, strong family relationships and had proven myself to a strong corporation that I was a force to be reckoned with and a coup to retain -- and I remember it was about that time I began touching base with God again -- daily connections...

    You have accomplished much in your 20's -- you have strengthened, grown and laughed much. You have weathered storms no one should weather in those years...and now, hear you are about to be one of the great people "in her 30's" -- I only wish I could be there to celebrate with you...actually, that is Spring Break week...lets think about this some more!

    I love you. I check DAILY (like one of your brothers said) to see if you have blogged. It is like Christmas and waiting to open presents -- and never ever have I wanted to smile bravely and say "oh gee thanks. Pink footed rabbit PJs just what I always wanted!"

    I love you. Always

  4. oops -- I typed "hear" instead of "here" -- me, a summa on another summa's blog!

  5. Kali--one thing I regret not doing was celebrating. I didn't make a fuss, ask for anything...even a fancy cake. I just treated it like any other birthday and when the day came around, I wished I had made a bigger deal.

    It's incredible to realize that we're 30. For so long, one looks at 30 as an age where people might "have it together," but when you get there, you realize...maybe that happens when you're 40...

    By entering the 30s, though, younger people (like those in their 20s) will now look up to us like we know what we're doing! :) Scary!

  6. Kali my darlin'! Not quite at the 30 ages yet BUT you have accomplished more that I have in my 26 years! Being a wife, mother and one of the best co-worker is the most wonderful thing you can be! I am lucky to have met you and stumble (stalk) upon your blog.

    Don't really have any words of advice for ya except no matter how hard your day is, never forget to say goodnight, and hug the ones you love.

    Happy (Early) Birthday!!

  7. Gosh I've had many. Married your Granddad at 17. First child at 18 on my B-day,two more children before I was 24, Went back to school for the diploma at 23,watched my Grandchildren grow into wonderful people,Had fun with Family and friends. great grandchildren, Growing old, Lived in a R.V. for about five years well everyone has stories but enjoy the good times. Life is about moments in our life so cherish them as they come your way. Love you Shawn and Maci Mae.

  8. Aren't you thinking about this a little early? Like, 4 months too early?

    Having just turned 30 a week ago, I have to say... was ok. That's about it. Ok. Watching Charly grow so much every day definitely makes me feel a little older. A high school senior is a "cadet" teacher in our building and the last time I saw her was when she was in 6th grade. Feels like just a couple years ago. Now I'm having adult conversations with her.

    I guess I haven't just embraced it yet, not to scare you. Too busy.

    But Kelli bought me an iPad. Maybe Shawn will buy you an iPad.

    And when did Maci's hair get light?

  9. In reading this blog (yes, I wait patiently for you to post!) it gave me reason to look back (waaay far back) to the days when I was 30! Most of it I don't remember except by pictures. I remember wanting the day to myself shopping in DSM but Randy surprised me with a party anyway. The party was o.k. but really-give me the money so I can go shopping! I think the 30's is a time to watch-the children grow and learn, new people bring gifts into your life either by social activities or work, you begin to formulate your own opinions and stand tall with them, and also watch the signs that YOU need self-care. Sometimes self-care, or the realization, comes too late in one's life. I never thought I'd live to see my 21st birthday so any day beyond that is a gift. Treat each day as a gift! The 30's was hard work-never enough money, never enough mental energy, never enough happiness, etc. Stressing about the 30's won't change them-only your attitude to each day! Then they will all add up for good!! God is good and He will stand beside each of you in those days! Happy Birthday-whenever!

  10. Kali, I recently turned 29 in October and have been thinking the same thing. I'll be 30 in less than 365 days and what have I accomplished? But there is hope for us.. I hear that 30 is the new 20. So I say make Shawn spoil you and enjoy the milestone! (then you can let me know what to expect!)
    (friend of Shawn's from U)



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