Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Into the Second Decade - Part One

This past September 25th, Shawn and I celebrated being together for 11 years. That's 4,015 days, 96,360 hours, 5,781,600 minutes… you get the point. It's been a long ass time. I will say, it has been… indescribable. It's been time spent with my best friend. My chosen person. My "sweat pea… keeper of my soul…"

To honor this occasion, I'm making this post a three-parter. First up: Major Events.

This happens to be a photo of the very night we started "going out," September 25th, 1998. It was the Homecoming dance.

Here is our first prom. We look mighty young!

Of course, our second prom. You can see where I'm going with this.

The last prom - Shawn's senior year. He brought a college chick that year. Yeah, he thought he was cool.

This, my friends, is the night he proposed. I was all up in my natural beauty and he had a cold sore the size of Texas. That's how we knew we really loved each other. For better or for worse…

This is our official engagement photo. I think this was the first time we posed together for pictures and it was priceless. Shawn was not an easy model to work with. I remember laughing the entire time. We got a great roll of film showing us, just laughing.

Which brings us to the wedding photo; May 21, 2005, it was official.

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