Monday, January 12, 2009

Dirty Beard vs Clean Shave

Okay, as a way to poll the audience, and to see if anyone actually ever reads this blog, post your vote by posting a comment: Shawn with a beard, or without. You can tell by the title what my preference is but don't let that sway you. Don't let the itchy, scratchy, gnarly appearance and never-ending upkeep sway you either. Or the aging it does to his appearance or the characteristic dimples it hides or the way it fades his eyes.

No seriously, it was much ado this past Christmas break so it would be interesting to see others thoughts. His students got a kick out of it, which is good since that's who he grew it for. Enough babbling, vote!

Side note: Don't you love his equally annoyed expression in both. Such a camera charmer!


  1. With makes him look older but without shows the more important dimples. Did look a little scrangly (shh don't tell him)...maybe a gotee (yep don't know how to spell that)

  2. I'm all about facial hair but...I'm with Mandi. maybe a goatee? if not, my vote goes clean shaven :)

  3. Pawny, you kind of look like a serial killer in both of them . . . that being said, I think the beard obviously looks like a more successful serial killer. My vote goes to BEARD!

  4. Beard. Although in the interest of full disclosure, I wasn't able to grow a full beard until after my early- to mid-thirties. Is the beard project still alive?



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